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Question about my PA upgrade process


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  • Question about my PA upgrade process

    I'm in the process of upgrading the small PA I use for my semi-acoustic folk music band and for solo/duo/trio acoustic gigs.  I've recently purchased a second pair of RCF 310a's, and tomorrow I'll be ordering a new mixer (a Soundcraft MFXi12).  The plan is eventually to get a third pair of 310a's, so I'll have a pair of FOH, a pair to use for side-fills and a pair to use as wedges (this is a monitoring set up that works well for us, covering all 6-7 members of the band).  Until then, I have a pair of Yorkville YX10's  that I use as wedges, powered by the amp in a Yorkville M810 (the mixer section bypassed). 

    My question is this:  I have an oportuntiy to pick up a used pair of EV ZXa1's that I could use as wedges, for about half of what it would cost me to buy the 3rd pair of new 310a's.  With the sale of an RCF 312a that I still have, I could finance that with only a bit out of pocket right now.  I could also get hold of a second 312a for even less than that.  SO:  should I just wait, so I can have a completely modular, interchangeable set of speakers.  Or should I get the EV's to use as wedges (they do have the advantage of a rotatable horn that will give me better coverage of the front of the stage than either my YX10's or the 310a's when they're on thier sides as wedges). The downside would be not having the same speakers all around.  OR: should I get the second 312a to use for FOH?  The downside of that would be the difference in speakers again, plus the extra weight and size of the 312a's--one of the reasons I got hold of the 310a's in the first place.  I've had no problem getting what I need out of the 310a's for FOH (we're not a rock band, and our gigs are not that large).

    What would you all recommend?  I'm incliinded to wait, but those ZXa1's are very tempting at the price.






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    I would say wait and get the third pair of 310's. it's nice having a redundancy, and not worrying which speakers are for what. Plus it looks cleaner and more thought out than a mishmash of random gear.
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      I'd also sell the m810 and grab a ipr1600 and make a bit of cash


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        If it were me,,,and I was getting a "great deal" on the ZXa1, I'd buy those. What have you got to lose? If it doesn't work out, you can always resell them for the price you paid.

        Just make sure the drivers are original, and working properly.

        And by the way, nobody can see the front of your floor monitors anyway, so who cares if they "match" the mains? Same goes when using them for sidefill.

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      He needs a line array!....oh wait, wrong forum!