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FREE X32 Training and Certification in Austin!


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  • FREE X32 Training and Certification in Austin!

    Austin Sound Engineers and I are hosting this event. Music Group is sending Evan Hooton to help with the training and he will be bringing several extra consoles and a couple unreleased products to play with. It will be very hands-on.

    If anyone is in the area they should make sure to come by. Regardless of what you think about the console, it is out in the real world and chances are good you will come across it. Know how to get the most form it.



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    samkokajko wins! - MusicalSchizo

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    Also there is a meet and greet of Austin Sound Engineers on Monday May 6th at 7pm at Mister Tramps also. Come grab a beer and network with other engineers in Austin

    samkokajko wins! - MusicalSchizo


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      Ill have to see if I can make it up there for that event. I know a few people that plan on getting that board and ill be getting calls for help, lol.


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        UPDATE: The time is going to change to extend a bit longer. Also we are hoping to add a Monday session also for those who can't make Sunday.

        More details will come on Monday hopefully but it also looks like this is going to turn into the very first certification training course for the X32.