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  • Electro-Voice Eliminator i Sub

    Howdy. I found a pair of these in a pawn shop @ 250.00 each. They look like decent speakers. My application would be a static install in my future garage. Use: parties and personal use and so I don't have to drag my system in and out of the trailer. How would a pair of these compare against a pair of JBL MRX 518's? Thoughts on price and performance? 

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    if I recall correctly there were several different Eliminator Subs. do you have a pic? Price seems high if you are in the states. How old are they? Do they have the old 15B woofer in them?

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    Yes, a form of OSB type stuff
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      OSB is?

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    Anemic subs. Your tops would have to be really weak for these to balance sonically in a 1 to 1 stack. Even if the level did work, the SQ is low. You can do so better...with almost anything.