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Lighting Outdoors On A "Mostly Cloudy," Overcast Day?


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  • Lighting Outdoors On A "Mostly Cloudy," Overcast Day?

    Hey everyone, I was going to post this in the lighting forum, but that seems pretty dead, so I decided to post it here, My band has an outdoor gig today in Amityville from 3:30 until about 7:30ish. So it is all daylight. But it looks like it is going to be mostly cloudy. I am going to start loading the gear in the next little while, and was thinking maybe if it is that overcast, that LED lighting might be a decent enough idea. But, being new to lights, I am not sure if LED lights would make any sense in daylight even on an overcast day. Is this even worth my time, or should I just forget the lights?


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    I wouldn't worry about lights. They'll really make no difference and it's one less thing to pack up after you're done. Also, clouds could mean rain, so it's also a few less things to scramble to get under cover.

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      Good point, Abzurd!

      Also, one less thing to set up before the show. Yeah I am going to leave the lights home.

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    The higher the ambient light level, the more light power you need to make an effect. Justl like overcoming high background noise levels with sound.
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      You can place them behind the band on a truss facing the audience, that's about the only way they will be visible.