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Picked up a few new things last night...


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  • Picked up a few new things last night...

    I had some extra lighting gear I wasn't using much any more as I get older. I had two ST132 stands and 2x10 ft sections of F34 Global Truss. A friend wanted it and had no money. As we were talking he offered a trade of some gear he had.

    He offered some Turbosound TXP151 cabs which I don't find a lot of info on, although most of what I did find was fairly good, including a review by Performing Musician magazine. These are powered boxes (15 and 1" CD) that weigh about 60 lbs each. Internal 2 position high pass and 450 watt class D amp. Amp is supposed to be very efficient on current. Turbo says the measured output (not calculated) is 124 db continuous and I think the peak was 129. They look like the TXD cabs they used to sell, but are actually a completely different cabinet inside, and a different CD driver. The cabs have angled sides meant to allow use as a powered monitor, and a two position pole cup like the JBL SRX cabs.

    As he was leaving he also wheels out a sinle Mackie HD1801 sub and says it goes with the tops. Don't know much about them, but from reading gather that it is decent. 

    I was looking for something small for my sons Boy Scout dinners and a few church type functions where my A system is drastic overkill. The thought of bringing out a pair of powered tops, a single powered sub, and an 01v96 as a full system was appealing. I have not been able to even fire them up, but the friend is another soundman in town I have known for years and trust. He told me they are all original drivers, he included one spare CD diaphragm, and if they don't work as promised can go back to him.

    Considering I wasn't using the truss it seemed, a reasonable deal to me. Anyone have anything anecdotal on these cabs, or first hand knowledge? This is my first venture into powered cabs and I trust Turbo, but the Mackie not so much. It it actually delievers, I guess I will try to find one more matching sub and have a really small powered system for things smaller than I want to drag out the big guns for.

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    I think it's a reasonable solution. How is it crossed over?
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      Haven't decided yet. The sub has a high pass out at 100hz that you can feed to a stereo pair of tops (stereo in and stereo out, but the sub responds to both channels) and the tops have a two position high pass. You can select full range which gives you basically 100hz up or passed at 125hz. I am thinking without having tried it that using the sub crossover and allowing 100 hz up to the tops with them set at the full range (100hz) position sounds reasonable. Both cabs do have phase invert switches and Mackie suggested trying it both ways.


      Ever heard these tops or subs Andy? Reviews are OK, but first hand from friends carries more weight. The tops are supposed to be fairly nice. They were not cheap originally. Turbo list was almost $1800 per cab. I am certain no one paid $3600 per pair, but even at used prices it seemed to be a good deal for the stands and truss I traded.

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    So far what Ive found is P Audio drivers/loudspeakers are in those boxes

    Replacement loudspeaker, and recone kits are readily available, and diaphragms for those compression drivers.






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      Fired up the tops today. 01v96 direct into them. Flattened the L/R output and the channel. Plugged in an SM86. Turned it up. Sounded just like I would have wanted. Didn't even make a notch anywhere. I think I love them. I may look for a few more if I live with them a few weeks and nothing changes.


      My A system is EV QRX, and I have to say these sound like they are cut from the same cloth. Very smooth and warm. Nothing glares at you, no ice picks, nothing shrill. I could mix a very nice jazz show with them.

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    And it's also awesome to turn underused gear into something definitely useable via trade. I have a pair of LS200p's that I bought with the intention of a B-Rig idea. I haven't used them once since I bought them last year. Might be time to let them go and put the money towards some more lights.
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      Tony Andrews and John Newsham were the guys who made TS great.

      This is their new company after they left Turbosound.