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On being "Territorial"

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  • On being "Territorial"

    I notice a business approach philosophy of some sound providers that I'll call "territorial rights" for lack of a better term. In a nut shell: "This geographic area is mine and that one is yours. You stay out of my area and I'll stay out of yours". I have never seen this attitude in any other business. McDonald's builds next to Burger King, Ford dealerships are next to Chevrolet, etc........................To add to the difficulty of this, it is not uncommon for a promoter to "Price shop" for services which makes being territorial a moot point.

    I decided some time ago that business is business and if I can land a job within my skill/equipment set, good for me. If my competitor beats me on a job then I need to do better next time. However in conversations, there are clearly some folks who do their best to adhere to this out of respect to other providers. I can see where they're coming from, I simply don't agree with it. What would be a situation where you would feel compelled to follow this protocol ? 

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    This is common for union work, but I've never actually seen a sound company claim a "territory". not a real sound company, anyways. bottom feeder types tend to do this because their business model relies on things other than quality of service.


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      This is actually illegal market manipulation. Not that regulators will likely care in these relatively tiny markets, but this sort of market fixing is specifically against the law.


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        Drug dealers do what you describe. Nobody in legitimate business would miss out on the chance to "acquire" new customers through fair competition.

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      Its a free market. Ill go where I get paid to go. If someone gets butthurt over it..... well **************** 'em.