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Spacing 2 top speakers

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  • Spacing 2 top speakers

    Its my understanding (and my understanding could be flawed) that when placing two like speakers next to each other that it is best to get them as close as possible to help reduce comb filtering. In my case I'm using two SRX712's a side over subs. My question is this, will there be a noticeable difference if the two 712's are touching or are say 1' foot apart? They will be splayed somewhat.

    This is based on an outdoor use. I'm not trying to determine how many people it will cover, just the effect on the comb filtering.

    I have been looking at wavelengths for different frequencies so I have a feeling this is one of those depends answers. I would like to set this up and try it both ways but I don't have a place to do that right now so I thought to see what you guys had to say.

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    It depends. Closer will minimize the effects.


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      That is a 90x50 horn mounted in that cabinet.

      Splaying them is good.

      Place together, and splay, walk around, and listen.

      The human ear is amazing.

      Think of an arc pattern.

      Outside with that  180 degree horizontal coverage is obviously better then results indoors.






      • stunningbabe
        stunningbabe commented
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        If I were to space 2 speakers about 5 feet apart...will there be any problem?

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      The world is never perfect.

      IMO, Intentionally spacing speakers apart while covering much of the same area is a poor choice. It lowers the frequency that comb filtering may become an issue.


      • stunningbabe
        stunningbabe commented
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        so... that means I should always place my 2 speakers close to each other...all the time? I run Mono all the way...if that helps.