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I'm after some new PA gear

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  • I'm after some new PA gear

    So I'm in a band that has our own PA gear.  We're a 4 piece with myself on Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar, Drums, Bass, and a guy on keys, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, an Auxiliary guy if you will.  Sometimes we have a FOH guy, other times we don't.  We just upped to a Mackie Onyx 32.4 FOH board.  And we added a QSC GX7 to be our amp for the tops (a couple of budget Peavey 215s).  

    Basically we have done a lot of spending in the past 3-5 months and I'm trying to decide, should we go for new Tops that we can afford that we can hang on to for a while? Something like some JBL JRXs or should we just run what we got and wait until we can get something really nice.  (6 months+ from now)  I'm here for some advice.  Appreciate all replies and if you got a question, don't hesitate.  Thanks

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    What is your budget right now for new tops? Do you run everything through them? No sub?
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    • djjazzypeef
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      We have JBL MRX 218s With some 18 inch Behringers to take some of the load when we play outdoors or in larger indoor venues.  I would say our budget is no more than $800 for a pair right now.  


      Basically our setup its 215s on the top and dual 18 inch subs on the bottoms.  

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    why not look @ used i have seen some ridiculous deals pop up latly


    • djjazzypeef
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      I have been looking at used and new for everything, I'm just not sure what I should be looking for if that makes sense.  

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    So you are really asking if you should go from one mediocre top to another?

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    • nchangin
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      GX7 is a mighty powerful amp, need some high quality passive speakers that can handle that amp otherwise if you have an oopsy speakers are going to go poofy. JRX is not so high quality, I would not reccomend. I don't even think the MRX series would be a good match for that amp and those handle 400 wpc.

    • dcastar
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      agedhorse wrote:

      So you are really asking if you should go from one mediocre top to another?

      Took the words right out of my typing-hands.


      If you're taking the unpowered route and want to upgrade tops,  look at some of the unpowered RCF TT stuff.  A pair of the 8" TT08's would CRUSH those Peaveys and JBL JRX's....  and the 12" TT22's would blow your mind.  

      GX7 is easily able to power the TT08's and would be pushing its limits on the TT22's.

      Beyond that, there are plenty of other great unpowered options, which I'm sure you'll see several more replies about.

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    Save up. I wouldn't touch the jrx speakers. I've got a pair of mackie 300 with the rcf drivers I'd let go of, if you happen to live close.


    • abzurd
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      I'll reinforce what others have said and add that my guess is your "budget Peavey" tops are at least on par with the JRX double 15's and likely better. I'm serious. The only thing "JBL" about the JRX line is the orange badge. It's a price point speaker and cheap is cheap so JBL had no intention of it sounding good.

      If you're stuck on passive speakers, I'd look used and stop by to ask about specific ones you find. Otherwise I'd dump the amp and look at some decent powered mains. JBL PRX, QSC K Series, and my personal "bang for the buck" favorite, the RCF 300A series (310A,312A, 315A).