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4 JBL SR4719x's - what's my best bet for amplification?

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  • 4 JBL SR4719x's - what's my best bet for amplification?

    I'm currently running them off two mackie M4000's but want to upgrade(are the mackies good enough? they put out 1300w per chan at 4 ohms).  I'm looking at buying a QSC RMX 5050 to run all 4 at 2 ohm's per channel but the power consumption would probably be through the roof.

    I'll take all the suggestions i can get!



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    Geez dude, that's plenty unless you want pyro instead of subs LOL. Oh, and those 5050's aren't really rated for 2 ohm sub duty - the same basic amp derated as the 4050HD is and isn't any more power than you have now. If you need more low end you need more or better subs not more power.

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      You know... I didn't sign on here to get smart ass responses from poeple.  I asked a valid question and you have nothing to offer but bull****************.  Rather than talk **************** about what i have currently, or where I want to go, explain your vast knowledge and help me with some recommendations.  

      I'm looking for an answer to if I have the properly powered right now and if I don't, what should I buy.

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    Lots of good power amps out there. I'd choose something that gives you about 600-700RMS/driver.

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      tlbonehead wrote:

      Lots of good power amps out there. I'd choose something that gives you about 600-700RMS/driver.

      You mean like the amps he already has?

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    Shipping now........... but not yet available from Peavey's own site? 




    • ZEW
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      According to him its the IPR line, not the IPR2. I'm would assume that they are shipping to their retailers first, since they've been waiting so long. Hence the "backorder" statement from him.