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ashly gqx 3101 and others in that series


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  • ashly gqx 3101 and others in that series

    locally theres a gqx 3101 for sale for a great price.  unfortunately its two rack spaces, but for now, i can afford the realestate.  anyonr running this series of eqs?  what do you think?  what faults should i be watching out for?  also, whats the likelyhood of finding more? preferably the 3102 for space reasons.  plan is to use four of these and two qsc gx5 amps for a monitor rig four mixes for now.

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    If its not the right gear then you'll end up selling it to buy something else anyway. Seems like an extra step, pass.

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      i've decided i'd rather have the longer throw faders, rather than cram the eq into a single space with something like a yamaha gq2031b. easier to find, easier to get right, and if i have to sell it later on, i'll install it at work since i've been told we can start upgrading..which means i can spend a few bucks every six months lol.