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  • Ipod into A&H22FX

    I am having trouble getting a clear sound when using my ipod for break music. I looked up the archives but couldnt find info re: A&H22fx mixer. I have read the manual but still cant work it out, has someone any experience with these mixers? and if so how do I hook it up. You guys have been really helpful in the past so I'm hoping you can help me again. I should mention also I am using a cable with a stereo 1/8th jack split to 2 mono 1/4 inch jacks to split the signal, not sure if this is correct either.

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    Hi Jules,

    Is your mixer a ZED 22FX?

    If so it should be as simple as pluging it into 1 of the stereo inputs using a mini jack to rca or i/4 Jacks.

    I prefer to use the 30 pin dock connector using a cable something like this one http://au.cellphoneshop.net/appleav.html?gclid=CLKZ2M7kqLgCFQhjpQodOnYAPA

    I find its a better connection and it by-passes the volume control on the ipod altogether.


    How are you connecting it now and what problems are you having?





    • Art Flood
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      Just noticed you stated how you are doing it now. The cable you are using should be fine - just be careful that the signal from the ipod is not too hot - you may need to turn the volume down on the ipad or adjust the channel trim control.