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  • RIP Dr. Bose

    Today, Dr. Bose, an icon in engineering, education and audio passed away at 94 years old.

    I have had the pleasure of studying under this man, and there are few I have more respect for. He was an incredible teacher, mentor and human being. He had the most wonderful way of telling a story. He pulled you in and kept your attention from the moment he began. Every lecture was rich with insight and perspective. And he had a way to make everyone around him better. He will be truly missed.

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    He was 83, not 94 according the the news.

    RIP Amar, you certainly did it your way  .


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      Yes. Typo on my part.

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    He certainly did have a marketing thing that pulled the wool over many a consumer eye.



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      his hearing was also apparently very deficient in the midrange

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    Not a fan of the products but its always sad to hear the passing of a good man, industry or not.
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      My mother in law has one of those little kitchen units with two speakers they sell for a substantial amount of american dollars for the amount of function it offers, and after the first time I heard it, it acually took me a while to find the unit itself. It does the job or application very well and I was quite impressed. Did it move air? Nope. Large range of sound? It sure sounded like it. Compared to my wifes 20 dollar under the cupboard am fm CD unit, night and day difference.