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    I have a set of Yamaha DSR-115's already and i was thinking about adding a sub or two to the mix but wasn't sure about the way i should go about it?  I mean do i use the crossover that is built into the sub or do i just get a analog stand alone crossover or do i get something like a driverack and which models?

    Also besides the dsr118w is there a sub that will work well with these speakers thats better then the Yamaha that dosen't cost an arm and a leg?

    BTW, I have a old Mackie CFX 16 mk1.


    Thanks for any help or info you can give.


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    The Yamaha subs will work fine with your Yamaha tops.

    Use the xover/processing in the built in amp/xovers in the Yamaha boxes.



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      Like PSG said, no problem staying within your product line... Yamaha DSR is good stuff.