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Simple Mic Gain on Behringer XENYX802


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  • Simple Mic Gain on Behringer XENYX802

    Whats the best way to set mic gain on any inexpensive mixer? I have a Behringer XENYX 802 and a Shure wired mic. I havn't really played around with mics before so I want to make sure I don't have any hiss on the output, and want to make sure I don't clip anything.

    On my mixer I have the usual level controls at the bottom, but I also have a "gain" knob under the mic input that goes from -10 to +40.




    Should I set it like the normal gain structure, meaning set level to unity, than bring up the mic gain untill clipping occours and than back it down a notch for added room? Is there a better method? Also should I just talk into it to get my levels or use another method?

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    You want to set the trim gain with the pfl button engaged and send a signal down the mic that is likely to Be the loudest point. Then you know it will not clip when this happens. Then set your slider to unity.


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      Have you looked in the manual for the mackie? Normally it's pretty detailed on setting your mic gain.


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    Folks he using a little Behr, and PFL where would that be on that mixer?

    With your master down, talk or sing as loudly as you can until you get a channel clip light. Back it off from there and you're done. Just pay attention to your master levels from that point.




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      should the channel level be at unit (0db - 12 oclock) or completely off?