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Might be looking to buy some new speakers.....


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  • Might be looking to buy some new speakers.....

    Although I had a fun run doing DIY, my BFM OmniTops just never sounded really good to me regardless of how much EQ I gave them, so I have been thinking about going to some non DIY speakers.


    Not looking to spend too much as I will only be using them ocassionally, mostly for small weddings (100-150 people), or Bar gigs etc. I already have subs, so I won't need too much bass from the tops. I also have all my amps and crossover that I don't want to get rid of so I will be going passive.


    I have been looking at the Alto series, Entry level EV and some Samson. With that said, and my budget not wanting to go over $300 per speaker should I even look at these brands or just stop thinking about this idea now and wait?


    I would look at used as well, but living in Canada we don't have the luxury of a guitar centre, and most of the places that sell used gear still charge some insane prices (we just don't have the turn around volume like you guys in the US do).

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    I recently purchased a few of the ZLX-12P speakers for my church and am very happy with output and clarity they deliver. These are the powered version, but the non-powered should be right in your price range.


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      What are your subs? What amps do you run them with? What amps would you use with the soon-to-be-purchased tops? What type of music?


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    Look into the DUS line from Audiopyle. Very cost effective for situations like yours.

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      A local dealer has a pair of yorkville elite 408 for $500. Are these better than the NX line but compromise is weight? They look nice but not as rider friendly


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      Well I finally went and bought a set of SX300. When I demo'd them side by side with my BFM Omnitop12 with no EQ it was night and day difference, more laid back, very easy to listen to, almost like a really loud Hifi system, loving them.


      My only issue that I noticed after taking them inside to clean them up a bit, is one of the woofers surround is ripped about an inch. It doesn't affect the sound, but I want to fix it temporarily untill I can get a recone kit or new surround. Any ideas?



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        Paint the tear with some fingernail polish. I have a speaker that has held together with a minor tear like that for over 30 years being used sometimes on guitar and sometimes on monitor or foh; polish has worked great keeping the tear mended.

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        I've used paper towel and rubber cement. It'll hold up until it doesn't .

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      There is a special PVA rubberized glue that is used for this purpose. Reconers can do this properly.

      So the SX-300s sounded better than the BFM cabinets? Their followers would suggest that this is impossible. IMO, there is no question in my mind that the SX-300s are a much better speaker.
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        So the SX-300s sounded better than the BFM cabinets? Their followers would suggest that this is impossible. IMO, there is no question in my mind that the SX-300s are a much better speaker.


        I know...right Granted I didn't know any better at the time I built them, and everyone said they need to be EQ to sound good, but after using the DRPA+ to eq them flat I still was never really happy with the sound of them. Others may like the sound but I was never satisfied. After listening to the SX300 I don't think I would ever go back to that design no matter how effecient the claims may be.

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      I still love my 15yr old sx300s but they mostly do mon duty with my rock band or SOS for acostic gigs. They were replaced by similar voiced ELX12P s