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Easy weekend with IEM and no amps on stage


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  • Easy weekend with IEM and no amps on stage

    Had an easy weekend show. Band was all stereo IEM and no amps on stage. Line 6 for bass and to be honest I'm not sure what the guitar player was running but it was a stereo rig. Lights and small mains. Looked like rain for a little while so I ran my SP2x and QPC subs.

    Drums where kick,snare,high hat and 2 overheads. Used the Cad C195's again and liked them. The stereo seperation was great in the IEMs on the kit and even panned some in the FOH mix. Had a good mix of toms and cymbols. The high hat was more for in ears than foh sound. On top of the power amps just left of the subs you can see the microphone I used for crowd noise. It was another C195. There was 2 flatbeds one behind the other and although it doesn't look like it the lights in the light show were level and setup in a slight C shape. Its just the ground and the 2 flatbeds were not so it makes it look off in the photo .   

    I guess the only thing I really needed was a center fill with no amps on stage and I felt very close to the subs the highs were lacking ... Next time.

     This was this bands very first gig and first night I was with them. The drummers student recorded with a pair of microphones at FOH. I hope to have a song or 2 someday to post here. There was a good crowd and I ended up with an easy night. Fun to have one from time to time.

    All in all still would rather do a IEM system than a monitor setup.

    Dookietwo Crowd 03.JPGA Setting up 01.JPGA Setting up 01.JPGA Setting up 01.JPG

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    Little brightness helps



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      How the hell did you get the brightness back on the first picture, with color balance and detail that should not have been there???

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    I tried to insert a mp3.


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      I found a camcorder recording of the night. Sounds bass thin compared to what I was hearing and what the microphones setup sounded like where I was mixing. Could be the compression or just the crappy camcorder sound ? Pair of 13 year old sp2's and a single set of subs. No amps or monitors just IEM. Drums wher Kick, Snare, Highhat and 2 overheads.

      This was their first time out ever. I believe we have all been there. The guitar player and bass player and drummer have been out for some time but this was the very first time this girl has ever sang out. (ever) so it was overall not bad. It was a "hey lets start a band and have fun kind of gig"

      The girl was going to put a pause before saying Behind the Veil at the start of the show and make a big production on it. Instead she just said it and the delay was wacked. :smileyembarrassed: I hope to work with them again as they may get it together when she gets used to singing out. Her phrasing needs work...

      Not much but I wanted to put something out. The live microphone recordings sound much better and they did send me a song over but I can't seem to post MP3 recordings here any more.