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  • Ghosts In The Behringer Machine

    I played a solo gig yesterday that had a Behringer 1202FX mixer as part of the house "PA". Something happened to me that has never happened before. The volume on my mic channel would physically change! The first time it happened I thought that I must have bumped it when I adjusted my guitar volume. The next two or three times I thought again, I guess I bumped it. Every time it happened, my mic would get much louder, and I would look back at the board and see that the pot had changed positions, resulting in a 3 to 6 dB rise in volume.

    I started to pay very close attention to the position of the pot, and what my actions were, and concluded that somehow the channel pot was moving by itself. There was no chance that someone could have laid their hands on the board, it was inaccessible to anyone but me. There weren't any vibrations to speak of that could have caused the pot to change positions.

    I've owned and used a few Behringer and other budget mixers over the years but have never encountered this problem of a physical change in parameters (to this extant). Has anyone heard of this happening before, or do I have to call in Bill Murray?

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      I use to own a Peavey Unity series mixer that had that problem on channel one. All the sudden the volume would increase by itself. It didn't do it all the time but about every third show.

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    Yep, I've had stuff with pots that had been "lubed" by someone at some point, and the lube had turned to a sticky goo that would move the shaft back towards the position the knob had sat in for years.

    Probably better off replacing the pot than trying to find the right solvent that will soften the mystery lube without also softening internal parts and creating some new mystery material in there.

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