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How to shade your powered PA spearkers?

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  • How to shade your powered PA spearkers?

    What is the best way to shade your powered PA speakers?  I would think an articulated arm with a flat ridgid (think windshield) shade that is mounted to the speaker stand would work well.  However, I can't seem to find anything like this.  Isn't this commonly done?  How do you shade your PA spearkers? Thanks for posting.


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    My first question would be why do you think it's necessary ? Are you having thermal failure issues with your speakers? What speakers are you running and at what temp are you having issues?


    • Pro Sound Guy
      Pro Sound Guy commented
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      I have seen this issue pop up over and over again.

      Time for the people who make this stuff to come up with something.

      If you are running a powered loudspeaker at  minus 32 degress or plus 90 degress they should

      get it right.



    • AntzyClancy
      AntzyClancy commented
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      I have no experience.  From reading the forums, it seems that the powered speakers in my budget range have had thermal issues and it would seem that shading them makes sense.

      I just purchase the EV ELX112p.  The JBL PRX612m's have had the same complaints.  I thought about the K12's, but they would cost me at least $200 more for the pair, and I don't think they will sound as good.

      In the summer, it is routinely 95 to 105 degrees F here (35 - 40.5).  Of course, in direct sunlight, it's a lot hotter.

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    Use common sense. Shade is not all that difficult a concept to work with.


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      Can a small tent do what you are asking? The articulated arm and the ridgid sound good, but I don't know why I'm thinking like an umbrella or similar; I have run my powered speakers over 40 centigrades and more over here (you guys use farenheith instead Celsius) and nothing has happened to them until this time


      • guido61
        guido61 commented
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        An umbrella would only be good until the sun moved. I've operated my PRXs in 95+ degree heat in direct sun with no issue. But of course I'd rather have them under a tent if at all possible.

        Since the amps run much hotter, my guess is the difference between 75 degree and 95 degree ambient air probably doesn't make that much of a difference regarding performance. Keeping the direct sun off the metal plates on the back would be my primary concern.

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      • dcastar
        dcastar commented
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        Or....   buy a Vornado Fan and direct it the air movement across the heatsinks.   You'd be surprised how much air movement helps mitigate the heat.

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      +1. Don't see a lot of threads about thermal failures on racks


      • agedhorse
        agedhorse commented
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        Tomm Williams wrote:
        +1. Don't see a lot of threads about thermal failures on racks

        Because of the dense packaging of rack mount amps, and the high power density, fans are in almost all cases essential. There is no practical way to take advantge of convenction cooling as there is in powered speakers with less power density and different packaging orientation options.