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  • Bridging power amp

    Just wondering if this is safe to do. We have a crown xls402 power amp, 2x yamaha c115v FOH speakers. Would it be ok to bridge the amp to put 1140w @4 ohms into these speakers, they would be running in paralell. They are rated at 500w program 1200w peak, the low frequencies under 120hz would be handled by an db opera18d subwoofer with built in electronic crossover. The reason I am asking this is to increase our overall volume. The monitors are handled by a seperate power amp. Is this pushing the boundaries too far?

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    Too far? Well, it's past what I'd consider the point of diminishing returns.


    They'll produce esentially the same loudness run off one side of the amp, or one per side, with a far greater safety factor fot the speakers.  To be specific, we're talking maybe a db or so in real world volume, which is nearly imperceptable.


    There's little to be gained in overall average volume by bridging into those speakers (one could perhaps achieve a bit more dynamic range in a really tightly controlled and limited-by-dsp environment, but that's discussing tiny systemic tweaking stuff, not significant overall volume gains).


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      Absolutely do not bridge that amp into those loudspeakers.

      NOT a good idea at all.

      You highly risk damage to those loudspeakers with that much power.

      One squeal of feedback can easily take out your compression driver diaphragms very quickly

      with that amount of power.

      You risk mechnical, and thermal damage to the cone drivers as well.





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        Poor idea at best, likely to end poorly with little improvement in volume.
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          There is a sub, how would the crown/tops be high-passed again?