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Electrovoice ELX112/115P - Any good?


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  • Electrovoice ELX112/115P - Any good?

    Anyone have experience with these powered speakers? 

    I was telling Julie that IMO a powered speaker should have limiters.   I was reading the manual and the clip lights are called "limiters" (good) but the text says if you see them flashing too much or steady you'll hear distortion (bad) and should turn them down. 

    Anyone have an opinion on these?

    Terry D.

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    I bought 6 of them when they first came out, 4 x 12 and 2 x 15, all powered. They sound nice. Get loud, retain their composure. Light. I prefer the 12 over the 15. The 15s had a weird hole in the response i didnt care for, better for DJs I suspect.

    The finish is really thin, poor. The knobs and panel on the cheap side. Cheap drivers albeit reasonably matched. All of my ELX **** down on various gigs because of thermal issues...on a number of gigs. EV would not admit to a problem, even though they had upgraded panels and are on a third update for the issue. No fins, no fan. Inside they worked well. On an 80 degree day they shut down, especially if the sun hit the panel.

    I sold them all. Would I buy again? No. That was a mistake. Are the ELX better now? Perhaps. I'm gun shy. Get RCF or Yamaha , or QSC K series.


    • Mogwix
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      - inexpensive
      - compact
      - lightweight
      - sound good
      - fairly powerful
      - look good, much better than other budget speakers
      - rear-panel settings are simple and effective, front power light can be turned off

      - finish is easy to chip, covers are a good idea
      - knobs on rear panel are a little cheap, lost one on first show. glued the rest with loc-tite
      - only one handle, but the cabs are light
      - monitor angle is okay, maybe a little shallow for small stages

      I own two of the 112P, purchased last summer. I agree that I'd rather the 112 than the 115. I've been using them for monitors and over subs a few times for FOH. More than enough power to get vocals over loud rock bands. I haven't had any problems with them shutting down, even outdoors running hard on hot and humid days. witesol's experience is making me wary, though.

      Since using them this summer the guy I work with is ditching his passive wedges and getting some ELX112P. The shop we work with just purchased 15 of them in favor of the PRX they're already using. I love my ELX112P and would purchase more if I needed.

      At their price point the ELX112P are a no-brainer. With that said they don't really compete with the RCF, DXR, K12 or PRX stuff. Those are a bit more expensive and are a step-up in quality.

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    I don't own any but we have used a soundman a couple of gigs that has both those cabs plus the 18 inch sub. They sounded great. The first gig we had about 200 people in a convention center the second a wedding with about a 100 guests. PM BigJD his rock band has had some for a few years and IIRC he likes them alot.


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      As stated above, I have 4 of the 12s and 4 of the 18s. Never a problem in the time I've had them except one HF driver died. Inexpensive fix and easy. No thermal issues ,nothing.
      Use a driverack for Xover.
      Outside in 90 degree mountain weather no shade ,no shut downs.
      The finish is easy to ding so carry a sharpie but I have covers for all of mine. They see main and monitor use I don't pay attention when I deploy them,just throw them out there in position and go.
      They are too loud for some of our gigs have to dial them back a bit
      I really have no complaints
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        I have one of the ELX112p's which I use as my monitor in my band. It sounds very good, gets pretty loud, and it has performed will. I haven't yet had any experience with dings in the finish, but then I always use the cover both in storing and in moving for load in and load out.

        Basically, the only time the speaker is out of the cover is when it is on the floor pointed up at me.


        I could be wrong about this, because technically the speakers are in the same class, but I like my front end speakers (PRX612m's) better as far as overall sound quality.