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cheap clip-on condenser mic

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  • cheap clip-on condenser mic

    A guy on another forum, is looking to buy a cheap clip-on condenser mic for his acoustic guitar.  Aside from the mounting issues, the mic has an unbalanced 1/4" TS phone plug, and is listed as a 1kOhm mic. He says he wants to plug it into "a mixer". What specifically are the issues here? How does he use the mic properly (if at all)? Oddly, his alternative mic was a much more expensive Audio-Technica AT831b ($300.).

    Here's a link to the cheapy;


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    Probably the biggest problem will be getting bias voltage for it. Lav's seldom work with phantom power without a preamp/power module. So he will be stuck with the battery.
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      The 831 with the power module is a good tool.


      • witesol
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        Why not the AT pro70?

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      The unit pictured is probably mic level for camcorder use, it has the bias and blocking network but probably has too low of a level to go into a 1/4" input on a typical mixer. DI would likely not help due to the transformer ratio.
      My comment about phantom power applies to using a 1/4" to XLR adapter. Not a good idea anytime phantom power could be applied, otherwise the level match would be ok.