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EV ELX system, good deal?


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  • EV ELX system, good deal?

    I've been thinking on moving to an active speaker pa, reading reviews, getting prices, etc...

    Then this deal popped up a pair of EV ELX115P and a pair of ELX118P's, covers and poles for 1/2 the new price. They are 1 year old moderate use, appear to be in good condition.

    Good deal?

    Also, he is selling this system to buy Mackie HD gear. Are the Mackie HD's that much better?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If the EVs fit the bill for what YOU need... then I'd thank him kindly... and wish him all the best with the Mackies. .png" alt=":smileywink:" title="Smiley Wink" />

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      I'm thinking he's got GAS, bad. My pa gear has been stored in a garage for years. Tired of maintaining or renting trucks to do gigs and have been renting pa gear. When i first started looking the Mackie HDA/HD1501 combo fired up the gas in me some. Once i started looking into stuff and reading reviews I was leaning towards EV ELX12P/ELX18P or QSC K10/KSub if I wanted to spend a little more.

      The system for sale is a little larger than I was looking for but the price seems right. Are there any benefits using ELX15P's over ELX12P's?

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    I use the ELX112p. The ELX115p go a little lower and go a little louder, but I prefer the 12's.

    They look good, they sound good, they get loud enough for my gigs and I haven't had any problems. As others said, the subs aren't great but are plenty for weddings or small DJ gigs. Some have had problems with their early ELX boxes overheating but I haven't experienced that, perhaps that issue has been resolved.

    The ELX are cheap as it is, half-price for a gently used rig sounds like a great deal. The market is still pretty good so if you don't like 'em you could probably flip 'em just as easy.


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      I have two ELX112p cabs and love 'em.  They have paid for themselves a few times over.  Get covers for them!!!

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    E835 is a different mic, I wouldn't call it an upgrade but a different flavor side grade.
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      Adding more subs won't expand the system in the way you think. In my experience, running out of top cabinet for a bigger gig is the problem. There's where it gets tricky, do you spend the money for two more elx15p and only get maybe 3db more and yet a wider dispersion or just get more efficient top cabinets? Budget comes into play. Better top cabinets probably unless you find a used pair of elx