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hey Mark, Audiopile....


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  • hey Mark, Audiopile....

    Why no full size mic stands, only the Shorty? 


    case for Presonus 1602?



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    witesol wrote:

    Why no full size mic stands, only the Shorty? 


    case for Presonus 1602?



    Concerning full sized mic stands:

    Our stand manufacture manufactures stands for other brands as well.  The stand manufacture does what they do the way they do it... I've suggested improvements, but the other brands they build for are seemingly not into value adding products as per my way of thinking things ought to be done.  Having said that, the only difference between our stand manufacture's shorty tripod stands and their full sized stands is the lenghts of the vertical tubes.  I realize via personal experience that full sized stands commonly have different applications than shorty stands... IE:  you rarely have a vocalist using a short stand for a prop and/or et al.  IOW:  The beef just isn't there to upsize our shorty stands to full size and have them stand the guff.  Admittedly, a beefy enough full-sized stand can be down-sized to a shorty stand model by just shortening the vertical tubes... but then that "downsized" stand is arguably over-kill (beefier and more expensive than it arguably really needs to be to do the job cost effectively).  You can make steak meat into hamburger (admittedly the resulting price seems high), but you can't make hamburger meat into steak... well, you can, depending on how creative you aspire to get on slicing, packageing, and promoting the stuff... and some/or many try to pass-off what would otherwise be hamburger meat as steak, but I'd prefer to not go there.  And there's the flip side:  Grinding steak down into hamburger to attempt to fill an underserved niche, and charging a seemingly higher price for the "processing".  I'd like to hope that our niche is matching the appropriate tool for the job.

    If I could source cost effective full sized tripod mic stands, I'd do it.  As it is, I personally use K&M (model 21020 I think) full sized tripod mic stands and our namebrand shorty mic stands, and some KMD shorty stands.

    Concerning a compact 1602 mixer case... that's a long story... and the short version is that: "it hasn't worked out to my idea of right so-far" (bangs head on desk).

    I think I'll go see if I can rustle up something for "lunch".

    I need to catch up with those guys, for I am their leader.


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      thanks Mark.


      your shorty stands look like my D brand. good price.