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Kanye cancels but the crew plays on...

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  • Kanye cancels but the crew plays on...

    The same weekend that Kanye cancelled in Vancouver (again) I was playing a gig at a downtown hotel lounge. It's a suit and tie kind of a room - pretty big area though. About halfway through the gig a fluctuating group of ten to twenty people came into the bar, and were just kind of hanging out. Eating a little food having a few drinks. They certainly weren't suits and ties people - seemed to be more like industry folks.

    I eventually found out they were part of Kanye West's crew. Although he never made it, they did. Apparently a truck accident and some damaged equipment were the reason for his cancellation.

    For those of you that have done or still do big shows, what's the deal on payment in the event of a cancellation? I mean does the crew get paid? The PA company? What happens in these cases. At my bottom feeder level, it's too bad so sad, but I'm thinking it should be different further up the food chain. 

    I guess I could have asked the crew themselves, but thought it would've been bad form to pour salt on the wound.

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    It depends entirely on the terms of the deal. Generally all of the show expenses are part of the promoter's risk and are paid by the promoter (either in full or in part). The act may reimburse the promoter by making up the show at more favorable terms or reimburse deposits and show expenses. It's so rare that it's handled on a show by show basis. Sometimes the tour or the promoter will carry cancelation insurance which coveres the legitamate show costs then tries to recover from wherever possible. 

    ... and sometimes everybody gets screwed.


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      Apparently his lost his video production equipment and refused to do the show. Pretty weak in my book.

    • Mogwix
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      It depends.

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    A friend of mine was on his touring crew in the video department and he said the gig was terrible all the way around.



    • Shaster
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      MainEventSound wrote:

      A friend of mine was on his touring crew in the video department and he said the gig was terrible all the way around.


      Why doesn't that surprise me...