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Slightly OT: bass pedal board question

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  • Slightly OT: bass pedal board question

    Ok ok, I know it's a bass playing question but the live sound forum is mostly bass players (look around, you'll see).

    It's been many many moons since I've had a pedal board, I'm making a new one with an actual board and gig bag too, yeah, really. What order though? I've got:

    Boss bass overdrive
    DOD octaplus
    DOD stereo chorus
    Behringer multi effects (used for the octave up sound)

    Signal chain will be atw2000 wireless receiver to pedals then to amp. Power will be a 1 spot

    bassist and sound reinforcement

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    Also add an MXR envelope filter to the list

    bassist and sound reinforcement


    • Craig Vecchione
      Craig Vecchione commented
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      Octave pedals, overdrive, then the rest of the tone modifiers. My reasoning is that octave pedals don't usually do well with overdriven, distorted tones. You also generally want anything that generates a tone to then be overdriven or distorted, not vise-versa. Overdriven basic sounds can then be manipulated with the envelope filter, etc.

      Disclaimer: there are no rules, and it's not a bad idea to audition different orders for a rehearsal session to see if you prefer any of them over a "conventional" order.

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    Make certain you have adequate current available from your power supply.

    Don Boomer


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      my signal path:

      wireless > pedal tuner > octave > comp > drive > flange > wah > buffer > amp

      buffer is a two-stage op-amp circuit with a 3dB boost and a voltage follower, to drive long cable runs to the backline.


      • Rob_H
        Rob_H commented
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        I always run dry into my amp rack and run effects on the loop...I gave up on multiple pedal setups years ago and use a TC Electronics G-System but to each their own

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      I do not use pedals for bass .... I have a Fender Jazz bass, and I think that's enough


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        I use a zoom b3.

        I switched way back in my guitarist days (last band) after lugging the pa and all that then a guitar amp and a full pedal board. I down graded my amp to a combo, then eventually tried the digitech rp500. While it doesn't sound as good it was good enough that with the full band playing no one would notice. I then even ran it direct out and used a monitor for my sound.

        When I switched to bass for my new band, I bought IEM and a the b3. No amp even.


        • Mogwix
          Mogwix commented
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          stangconv wrote:
          When I switched to bass for my new band, I bought IEM and a the b3. No amp even.

          I use one or two ampeg 810's and one or two SVT-2PRO. At minimum I have an SWR 610 that fits in my car, with a GK 2001. I do have a traynor 115 that I use for rehearsals, sometimes.

          Unless there's sidefills on stage, I can never get enough bass in the monitor. FOH guys hate me sometimes.

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        Haha polar opposites. I don't mind using a huge bass rig, but only when someone else brings it haha.

        My rig fits in a small bag I carry in one hand.