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Another help me Pa Powered Speaker thread


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  • Another help me Pa Powered Speaker thread

    So, I have been reading and studying reading on powered speakers. all over the web

     Decided I need to move forward with a Pa setup. I do a great deal of inside and outside Catering for Parties, Commercial events and more, I am also active with several non profits that I always get asked to rig up something for sound to play cd and mp3 tracks. (I have improvised through guitar amps, computer surround sounds and more) I have done a few acoustic guitar gigs, so I am thinking I am going to put together a small Pa that I can grow and use for all of the above.


    Goals are to facilitate background and dance music (Oldies, classic rock, country not much rap or techno) Think wedding sounds

    Perhaps allow a couple of the non profits to host dinner dances on the cheap for a fund raiser..

    Of course it will be used for general pa announcements,

    And sometimes allow myself or a small group of musicians to plug in at a party or small event.


    I am thinking 25 to 200 or so people coverage.

    Inside or out. Budget is tight, depending what I finally decide to go with, I may have to start with a pair of mains and grow from there.


    My first thought was a pair of ZLX12P or 15P I was leaning towards the 12P as I was planning on 1 sub them maybe two as dollars allow. But then so many reviews said go for the 15P and still add a sub later if wanted


    Well next I started to wonder should I go ahead and get the ELX models instead. Reading further much of what I have been reading on is called beginners equipment/base or bottom models by so many.

    Now I am wondering if I should bite the bullet and move up a little to a pair of Yamaha DSX. I have not read anything bad about these. I know much Yamaha equipment is pretty well bullet proof so If I take care of them they should last a while.


    But of course with the Dxr I seem to be reading two different thoughts

    Run 8 or 10s with subs, Run the 15s add sub if I think I need it, not reading as much on the 12's I would imagine I would eventually want to add subs with 12's too.  Of course the 15's are really very much stretching my budget further than I would like BUT if there is a huge difference for not that much extra I would rather error to the better.

    Speaking of Budget, I did not really mention one 

    I am a believer in buying the best you can budget for if you are going to have it a while or use it a lot.

    I would hope to have the equipment awhile. How much would I use it? I think a fair bit But not like a band or Dj using it all the time.


    From two months of reading I did think I was probably going EV ZLXP  The more I am thinking I am wondering if I should step up to the Yamaha's which would be about the most I could spend right now, Sadly this economy my own business is way slow so money is not what it normally is so I will probably buy at American Musical Supply to help spread the payments a bit So this does leave out some of the other options  I also think I would prefer new..

    I am planning a mixer, a couple mics, cable assortments, etc. as I can add them, as I get going. But many of the models I have been looking at and considering seem to have some at least basic controls to help me until l I can build the system up later.


    So I am welcome to suggestion, thoughts opinions I am so getting more confused the more I researched! Of course like the internet usually is I have seen many contradictions, IE The zlx is great you would not know it is lower end , to The ZLX is lower end, nice for what it is....Same arguments for many .So guide me or confuse me some more, Please!           

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    This is just my opinion and I'm sure the advice you get from the pros may differ...

    There is not a lot of value in getting a 15inch speaker and subs. If you were getting the whole setup in one hit, I'd say a pair of 10s would offer the best speech intelligibility and mid-high response over subs.

    However if you need to get the tops first and subs down the track, 12s would be a good compromise.


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      The advantage of using a 15" two way over a 10" two way is more low frequency extension if you choose

      to use them in an application without subs.

      There are times you might choose not use your subs and having more of a full range loudspeaker

      is useful for these apps.




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        Did you mean yamaha DSR? 


        I've got no doubt all the speakers you mention have a good use at their price point - you get what you pay for though. I use the EV ELX and i'm very happy with them. 

        For background music i'd definitely say 15s not necessary. 12s, and maybe even a 10 if its available in the series you end up choosing. Especially if the plan is to get a sub.