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Mixer upgrade, anything stand out in the used category?


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  • Mixer upgrade, anything stand out in the used category?

    I'm thinking it may be time to upgrade my mixer. I have a behringer xenyx 802, while it works fine I may want to move up to a few more inputs, and have xlr output instead of 1/4" only. I have been looking at a few used pieces and see some soundcraft (epm8) and some older yamaha and mackies. Would any of them be a good buy or is there some to stay away from? 

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    I've got a few of the Soundcraft small-format boards, and think they're very good value for money spent. My EFX-8 has been a lil' workhorse for over 6 years now; it sounds good, and is very reliable. The MFXi-8 was my latest small-format mixer purchase, and it adds several features/advantes over the EFX-8. Either one would probably serve you quite well. Depends on the application.

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      What is your budget and input channel count need? Mark C.

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    Do you need EFX? Do you want faders or pots - or does it matter?  Is the mixer  for a single, duo, a four piece band....? Is the mixer routing to powered speakers, or a nearby power amp or ? Is XLR a want or a need?


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      My budget is likely around $150 to $200, don't think I need any FX. I will mainly have 2 feeds into it, 1 or 2 mics and would like to have a 3rd and 4th mic input as spare and maybe a 3rd aux input just in case so 8 proper channels.


      Fader or pots doesn't really matter. Would like to have a proper vu meter with more range so I can really see where my signal is. It will be feeding my drpa+ with passive speakers.