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  • Sa1532

    My beta 3 dealer called me yesterday to tell that he got 4 brand new mackie Sa1532 on his shop, so i went to see them they are huge and big, his asking for $1200 each andI'd I take the 4  he would give me a discount; but I see that they are discontinued and a little heavey but I can handle it, what i was wondering is how are they comparing with the prx or QSC equivalents? Is the price worth it(they are brand new, the 4 of them) and they come with 2 15", mid driver 6"and the corresponde high driver; what are your thoughts about this? Any suggestion would be be appreciated it 



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    They are pretty good sounding speakers if weight and size are not a concern. Pretty reliable too from what I remember.

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    • oldschooler
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      I have used the SA 1530A. It has a single 15 instead of double and they didn't sound bad. I was able to cover an outdoor gig with about 300 folks with no problem. It was a small rock show. I was just using 2 JBL SRX 4719 as subs.

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    I see, so you guys recommend them? Is $1200 a good deal for each one?


    • JWSound
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      yeap, these are great speakers. we have a few of tehm in our rental biz.

    • mrcpro
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      JV90 wrote:
      I see, so you guys recommend them? Is $1200 a good deal for each one?

      A guy over in my DJ forum just picked up PRX635s for $1400 for the pair - open box GC closeout. There's still a few PRX600 series floating around in dealerships apparently. Of course those have single 15s so aren't directly comparable - but still I think your guy has them priced too high considering their vintage and what else is available out there.

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    I have read that EAW was involved with those loudspeakers.