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Power Amp Input Sensitivity

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  • Power Amp Input Sensitivity

    Does amplifier input sensitivity just mean by how much the attenuators can reduce the input signal?

    My power amps have an input sensitivity of +8dBu. If 8dBu is 1.95 volts, then they can pad the input signal by 1.95 volts.

    No real point to my question other than being curious and struggling to think in dBs (voltages I can work with).



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    Nope. What input sensitivity means is the required drive signal level to drive the amp to rated output. If the input sensitivity is +8dBu, that means that 1.96V (RMS) is required toachieve the rated powe of the amp. The attenuators can reduce the sensitivity by increasing the required drive level.


    • Art Flood
      Art Flood commented
      Editing a comment

      Thanks AH. That makes more sense.

      I note my mixer has a max output level of +21dBu. This seems quite a mismatch to the amplifier.

      Is this typical?