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Anyone using the Mackie DLM Speakers?


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    I've been using JBL10 G2 powered speakers for years. I had a 90 lb. JBL sub with an 18" speaker, but it was massive and I got rid of it. Switching from my band to solo work this summer and in search of a small sub, I found this DLM 12S. I loved the 46 lb. weight and the easy of operation, but the sound was incredible! My first gig was outdoors with the facade of a Two-story building behind me. Down the gentle slope in front of me and covering about 150 x 200', was a crowd of about 225. It covered the crowd easily and the sound was very smooth and very nice.

    I am totally in love with this subwoofer. It has plenty of power, being 1000 watts RMS (2000 W is the peak power). QSC As a sub woofer that weighs 74 lb, but it cost just as much as the Mackie ... And it's heavier! It is rated at 1000 W just like the Mackie. I don't think either one would BLOW UP! Great product, the DLM12S!


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      Thanks for the review!  You probably had some reenforcement of the sound because of the 2 story building behind you?

      What kind of music is your solo work?  Have you used it yet in challenging indoor spaces?  Yeah, light weight is big, heavy deal!



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    I wish manufacturers would stop inflating power ratings. They mean nothing anymore in this powered speaker category.
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      Aged, it means the higher the wattage the higher the depth in horse manure.

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    Purchased  a single Mackie DLM12 full range speaker in hopes it would work for a jazz duo.  I was not impressed with the volume or sound right out of the box. I sure wanted this speaker to work because it is so small and light and with built in EQ and effects I was hoping to eliminate a mixer and some weight  from my setup. 


    Play keyboards along with a sax player in mostly small venues playing jazz standards. Our amplification requirements are (One vocal channel, one keyboard channel (Nord Stage2 used in split mode for Bass and Piano, and one for MP3 backing drum tracks.


    Also own and used a JBL EON2 15 active speaker to compare the sound with the DLM12 at home.  At first glance, my keyboard sounded very bassy and somewhat artificial sounding thought the Mackie.  The big surprise for me was that my keyboard was much louder and fuller sounding in my 400 watt JBL than the 2000 watt Mackie DLM12. 

    Mackie has a great idea and I applaud them for what they are trying to do with this speaker.  I hope they continue to improve on this concept.  I would love to see a 30 pound speaker that sounds more like the SRM450 or JBL EON2 15 with a built in 3 or 4 channel mixer with effects and real knobs/sliders. 

    Oh well,I returned the Mackie DLM12 and, fo rnow,  I'm back to the drawing board. Hope this helps.