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  • EV SX300 speakers

    Guys, I have bought a pair of EV sx300 on eBay .... The ad was written that this new cabinets with original speaker
    Shock I had already picked up at these cabinets .... These were not new cabinets and they were packed in ordinary plastic bags! Once I have them connected to an amplifier, I had another shock, it was a terrible sound! Inside the cabinets were any left speakers (made in Italy)


    I have written a complaint to the seller and he sent me the original speaker, but a cheater always a cheater and he will send me two different speaker! One was old, and the other with the new diffuser .... These two speaker sound differently!
    What do you advise me? I tired to argue with the seller as to rectify the situation with the sound?

    I have bought these cabinets in Italy, the seller's name maxbestseller .. Maybe in Italy people think that Russian never heard EV and they are doing hairstyles rake?

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    Do you think if you put two of the same repair kit, will it be good?  http://www.thomann.de/gb/ev_dl_12_bfh_recone.htm


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      The stock driver is the dl12x, the horn driver is the dh2010 (I think). Most likely he blew the originals and replaced them with car audio speakers. Unless the deal was really good I'd send them back. Here in the states you can buy the drivers for around $100ea, it'd have to be a good deal to make it work. You could probably sell the car audio ones but it's not going to be easy,

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    Did you use PayPal?. If yes they will fight it for you. Report to eBay.