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Real world power draw from ipr5000 and 7500

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  • Real world power draw from ipr5000 and 7500

    Anyone who uses these care to comment on ac draw? Are you able to use 2 per circuit? Is it a pita in smaller rooms where Edison is the only option?

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    It really depends on your ohm loads and how high you crank it up. FWIW last Saturday I had two IP1600's on five 8 ohm monitors, an NU3000 on two 4 ohm subs, and everything else including the backline on one circuit  .


    • Unalaska
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      4 ohms per channel, run up to limiting but not into DDT.

      I've done a bunch of gig with only 1 or 2 circuits available, keep the volume in check and be smart about what goes where. I'm looking at gigs where 3-4 are available and I can dedicate 1-2 to just 3 ipr7500s and a 1600/drpa

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    This is a situaton where the extra efficiency of horn loaded boxes may be something you want to look into.

    Subs will be the main power sink... (Lights can use way more juice than amps in my limited experience, those seem to end up on my breaker more often than not). 

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      Well, "It Depends(tm)"  but normally I'd calculate the sub amps draw at 50% of the output ratings into the loads you have and the mids and highs amp at 25% of the output ratings (assuming you are tickling the limiters). So:

      CX502 4 ohm HF L/R  = 250 watts
      P7k 4 ohm sub L/ 2 ohm mid L =  1950 watts
      P7k 4 ohm sub R/ 2 ohm mid R = 1950 watts
      P7k 4 ohm sub L/ 4 ohm sub R = 2020 watts

      A 20A circuit is about 2200 watts on a good day.

      And sure, if you can keep them down 3dB (how lucky are you ?) you'd probably get by on two circuits just for the amps.