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  • Everyone's an expert........

    Since it's been quiet around here I thought that I would toss something in:
    This past week I worked a musical at a local prep school. My gig was to mic the band (located under the stage) and mix/balance the band to the singers. During the production I read the conductor's score and punch in oboe solos, etc. and advise the other tech (who mixes the voices) on how to balance the singing..(this particular production was short on basses thus I had to keep telling him when to kick up the bass vocalists in the large ensemble numbers) It's a fun gig as I get to use my music/mixing skills..
    The funny:
    Dress rehearsal night the other tech forgot to bring down the mic of a vocalist that has a huge voice...after some dialog she came in va-voom!!! The rafters were shaking....it was a bit funny, he wrote down the cue in his notes for the next night...all set.

    Opening night (prior to the start of the show) the "costume lady" comes over to the other tech and says that the vocalist (mentioned above) was too loud......
    I thought that the tech was going to explode...

    The tech turns to me and says "they're all experts on sound....did I go to her and giver her advise on her costume design?....." he was taken aback...

    I had a good chuckle....

    Yup....they're all experts!!

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    Always like when doing monitor ring out how somebody always let' me know that they can' hear the vocals in the mains.
    Thanx man, I'll get on that!
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        Most recent complaint from a band: "The audience can hear us talking between numbers"

        Well, I guess you should stop doing that, then.
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