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Sizing Equipment for an Outdoor Event

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  • Sizing Equipment for an Outdoor Event

    Hello all!

    I've been hired to provide SR for an outdoor gig with a needed coverage distance 40m. I have speakers I believe will cover this with dual 15" woofers and 1" CD. Modelling suggests approximately 120dB with 500 watts at 1m. So I'd be getting peaks around 90dB even back around 40m. This is just a little show in a park. Could someone confirm that this seems suitable?

    The subwoofers are the tricky part. As of now, I plan on bringing a pair of 18s. Does anyone think this is overkill? I don't want to come up short but I also don't want to lug around a lot of gear for this one off.

    The band includes the typical drums, bass, guitar, keys, vox, etc.

    Any help is appreciated!
    Channel Audio - AV Rental & Event Production

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    Let me start by saying this answer will sound cold, but it is strictly a factual answer, not meant to be insulting. Not enough information to answer you correctly. Is this for 18 year olds or sixty year olds? Is this rock, or pop, or jazz, or symphony? Is it a quiet sit down event or an outdoor dance party? Is this the main event or background to other activities. Are you micing everything or planning on vocals only? Are your cabinets efficient? Without knowing these sort of details, we can't give you a definitive answer. In fact if those details were not conveyed to you when hired, I would be very concerned about expectations vs reality. Also, your math is not quite right, you are high on SPL predictions at 40m. Also, math is "in a perfect world", and most gigs are not perfect. I would think you would get 88 or less, even if lucky. That may be fine, or drastically low depending on the answers from above, ambient noise levels, and the wind direction and strength that day. Lastly, I don't where your data for modeling came from, but hope it isn't from advertising. It is not a reliable source in general. Any time you have to worry about a few db one way or the other making or breaking the show, you don't have enough gear.

    120 @ 1m
    114 @ 2m
    108 @ 4m
    102 @ 8m
    96 @ 16m
    90 @ 32m
    84@ 64m

    I offer one more comment, however unsolicited. "One off" or "recurring" shouldn't matter in this discussion. It takes what it takes.

    Best of luck.


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      Looking at "Your?" link what is wrong with this system you have now? I've done small shows in a park with less and had very good luck.

      If you just bring the 2-15's and horn depending on stage height and seated/standing crowd they may not be high enough for proper coverage. Do you have any pictures of the location?



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        Well, you didn't tell us what specific gear, music style, and crowd we are talking about.

        But given the way you stated it, and the gear you suggested (Most 2x15+ 1" are not particularly high-output cabs). I would bring, at minimum, everything you mention: 2x15+1 and both your 18s. You will not be lugging extra outdoors.