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  • Favorite PA Demo Songs?

    Hello all, and happy holidays!

    I'm interested in what tracks you all are using to demo PA systems and familiarize yourself with a system you're about to engineer on.

    I understand the idea is to use songs you are very familiar with this way you can quickly determine certain characteristics of a new system. I realize that this is not a replacement for measurement.

    Here are a few tracks on my current playlist:

    Fragments of Time - Daft Punk
    Bad Blood - NAO
    Pulp Culture - Thomas Dolby
    Rainmaker - Keb' Mo'
    Africa - Toto
    Higher Love - Steve Winwood
    Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
    Do It Again - Steely Dan
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    "You Can Do Magic" - America

    Don't laugh. That sucker is mixed so that you can hear every detail. If you can't hear the electric piano, shimmery highs on the guitars, that "shhiiing" percussion instrument and the meaty bass....then your system is no responding properly.

    Plus it was sandwiched between some other great tracks on a "best of" CD I listened to ad nauseum when I was younger.
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      Most anything Steely Dan works for me (I think I use Asia a lot). Great recordings.
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        Hey 19 Steely Dan.


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          Going through mine, it looks like I go heavy on open groove tunes with good bass lines and hi-hat


          Morph The Cat - Donald Fagen
          - Less cliche Steely Dan
          - Nice bass line and groove that adds horns later in tune
          - Good hi-hats
          - Back half of the song have solos - guitar solo @ 4 minutes and sax solo @ 5:30

          Til I Hit The Ground -Basshounds
          - Totally obscure tune
          - Good open groove, but has a decent amount of stuff going on
          - Good blend of vocals with plenty of instrumental

          Walking On The Moon (2003 remastered version) - The Police
          - nice hi-hats & bass

          What I Am - Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians
          - Another groove tune with good hi-hat and bass

          #41 - Dave Matthews Band
          - Killer hi-hat intro

          Brown Eyed Blues - Ben Harper
          - Another groove tune
          - I love the bass bridge, first time at 2:19

          Thorn In My Pride - The Black Crowes
          - good guitar tune with acoustic and electric
          - nice percussion

          Ghost Town - Craig Erickson
          - acoustic guitar instrumental

          Chills & Thrills - Bernard Allison
          - Straightforward blues tunes that sounds like good rockin' blues bar band


          Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics
          Hotel California - Eagles
          Gaslighting Abbie - Steely Dan
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            Evanescence - Bring Me to Life
            Norah Jones - Don't Know Why
            Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Toccata
            10cc - I'm Not in Love

            Yes, an odd collection but they tell me a lot.


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              Chris Jones - No Sanctuary Here. I'm not sure how I feel about the message behind the lyrics, but this one song gives me everything I need to tune a PA.


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                Page One by Tower of Power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB5tmptwhu8
                I use the original CD. The tune has good drum kit sound (including HiHat) with a good representation of bass, vocals, horns, and guitar.
                ...oh...and I am a huge TOP fan...


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                  I used the Rodeo Song for years but in church settings they didn't seem to like it. Go figure! I like "The Hunter" besides the normal ones listed above. Different sound in parts and the voice will sound muddy unless done right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLlYw2XDFbg
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                    You like Yorkville and Gaye Delorme.........you must be Canadian? From Alberta?
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                      Originally posted by wesg View Post
                      You like Yorkville and Gaye Delorme.........you must be Canadian? From Alberta?
                      Me? Northern Maine, well Canada is about 7 miles away.........Parles-tu Fran├žais ?


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                        I've been to your part of the world. My sister went to Colby in Waterville for her undergrad. I stayed in Augusta one night. I literally walked from one end of town to the other trying to find a place to have a beer at 11pm. No luck. Other than that, it was nice.
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                          Pussywhipped, Steel Panther.
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                            Biggest part of me. By Ambrosia. By far most used.