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connect powered mixer to Hometheater AMP

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  • connect powered mixer to Hometheater AMP

    Finally got one of my kids hooked on rocksmith and having a ball
    As we've got 2 guitars now hooked up and potentially in the future a mic, just wondering how to correctly hook my powered mixer to the home theater

    pc video is hooked up via hdmi for display
    but I want the pc audio to go via the mixer and then into an av input on the home theater amp - (I'm seriously hoping doing it this way will also remove any latency)

    can anyone confirm if the outputs I highlighted in yellow is the correct one? (ie substituting the cassette recorder for a home theater amp seems logical to me)


    I've got the pc using a tascam us-122l as the sound card. Line outs are going into the line inputs of the amp for the game


    guitars are obviously going into the pc via a splitter (dry signal into a pc) and wet (effects pedal into the line level of the mixer) to be sent into the hometheater

    seems like ALOT of work to avoid latency, but damn it drives me nuts!
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    If it were me, I wouldn't do it.

    You will be happier and it will be less expensive than accidentally your home theatre system if you buy an inexpensive practice PA. There's so much decent used gear out there for "cheap" that it's really a no-brainer.
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      I've got it hooked up to the PA speakers, but they're located behind me (not really suited for gaming anyway)
      The hometheatre speakers are next to the tv so I'm interested to hear which sounds better. you're right though - it could be an expensive lesson hence my paranoia!

      Suspect when playing bass it would be far safer to use the PA rather than the Hometheatre with the subbie anyway? Not that I'm playing and ear bleeding levels though