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Thanks for maybe saving my life last night

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  • Thanks for maybe saving my life last night

    I had a pretty close call last night...but thanks to this forum, I'm around to talk about it.

    We don't talk about getting stuff to the gig much on this forum, but I have always considered my vehicle "part of the rig", and having a safe vehicle is just as important as having speakers that won't fall on patrons' heads.

    I hit a patch of black ice on an uphill curve last night -- I didn't realize the road conditions had degraded to this point, as they had been excellent earlier in the day. I was doing around 80kph (50 mph), lost control of my van when it downshifted, spun around a few times, and landed quite violently in the ditch, skidding in sideways with my nose pointing to the street.

    Somebody on this forum (Craig?) was quiet adamant that a divider was necessary in a cargo van used for live sound-type work. I took that advice, and installed a heavy steel bulkhead, which a took few hits from loose mic stands during the spin. Any of those could have easily hit me if I hadn't had the divider in place.

    As it was, my speakers, 20U rack, organ, and Leslie were all lashed to the side of the van and the bulkhead with E-track. I don't think they moved. The rubber carpet allowed some of the other stuff to move around, but not too bad. A big Pelican case, an old army barrack box, a Gator dufflebag full of cables, a suitcase full mics (in cases) ...... this stuff pushed on the rear latching door and knocked it out of alignment, so it doesn't close properly now........but I think that's it. It still latches. I'm not aware of any other damage to the vehicle, and especially, not myself.

    A friendly guy-with-a-truck stopped by with chains and we had me out in a few minutes. It's Canada .. Ironically - or maybe not - I'm quite often the "guy-with-a-truck" when my neighbours get stuck in their driveways.

    Time to take 'er for a test drive and call my mechanic. I don't see any undercarriage damage, but I don't have a hoist, either. Nor an alignment machine.

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    Glad you're OK, and yes, there is no substitute for a hard wall between you and anything heavy when transporting.

    Interestingly, one thing you said rings very true with me:

    lost control of my van when it downshifted
    I honestly do not understand the love for automatic transmissions inNorth America. Yes, they are convenient in traffic, but when you REALLY need to have control of the vehicle, having a major component decide to change the balance without driver input is a recipe for disaster.

    There is a reason the we do not allow automatic transmissions in race cars - they would kill drivers and spectators by doing the exact same thing that happened to you, but at 200kph instead of 80...
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      You lived to tell the story. Good on you!


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          It's nice when something so bad turns out so well. I think it was Craig that made that suggestion. Nothing like being crushed by your own gear.
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            Glad you took the advice. Hopefully serve as a lesson to others here, if needed.
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              Glad you're okay!

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                Back in the 90's I had a Ford E150 loaded to the gills with lots of gear. It was winter and I started heading down a large hill on a county road with a T in the road ahead (only right or left) and straight off that was a deep embankment. I headed down the hill and applied my brakes
                to slow down and bang my brake pedal went to the floor (blew a brake line) and I started to speed up. I was in a panic! I pulled that van hard
                left and I think I went up on two wheels around that turn. I finally rolled to a stop and got out and emptied my pants. I was pretty shook up.
                I did not have a bulk head wall by the way. Phew!
                Glad to hear it worked out for you!


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                  Very glad to hear you're okay wesg and damage seems to be minimal.
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