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FX on Allen&Heath ZED 10FX

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  • FX on Allen&Heath ZED 10FX

    I have an Allen&Heath ZED 10FX board. I can't seem to make the FX work on it. I downloaded the manual from their homepage and looked at that section, but nothing jumped out as far as what I might be doing wrong. I'm just wondering if anyone here can offer some simple troubleshooting to verify I'm doing everything correctly. The chip, or whatever, may very well be bad, although, I know it worked a few years ago. First of all, the model that I have (as far as FX) isn't like the one in the instruction manual. Mine uses all buttons to select the different FX, and parameters, as opposed to a rotary knob on the model in the manual. I understand that shouldn't make a difference, and they work properly. I'm quite knowledgeable about these small to medium-sized mixers, I'm just trying to absolutely verify if the chip is bad.