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Ipad mini 2 cheap at Wal-Mart

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  • Ipad mini 2 cheap at Wal-Mart

    Just an FYI for all the tablet mixers among us. I just picked up an 16GB Ipad Mini 2 at Wal-mart for $229. I've been using an Ipad 3 and it's not been the most responsive, plus I wanted something smaller that could go on my mic stand. The website says they are available in white only, but my local store had the gray as well, which has a gray back and a black front. All stores in my metro area show them in stock online (order today - pick up today), but chances are they will not be displaying them, or even indicating they are selling them. And the employees may not even know what you're talking about, so bring your phone or a print out to show them.

    A little research. The Mini 2 is essentially the same as the Mini 3, which is why the 3 was discontinued. It uses an A7X processor, which is what powers the Ipad 5. So even though it's been around a while a looks to be on the way out, it's still a decent option, especially for the money.

    Apple has them for the same price, but they are refurbs.
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