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Ipr5000 and 7500 opinions?

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  • Ipr5000 and 7500 opinions?

    I'm selling off some plx amps and replacing them with ipr's, I'm pretty sure anyway. Looking at a pair of 5000's for mid and subs powering jbl SP215/90 and SP128s, 1 per side. If I buy 3 then 2 cabs per side with mids being at 2 ohms on 2 channels. Mostly these will see 4 and 8 ohms per channel though. I'm fairly confident in the reliability side of the amp. Having 2 in a rack (with an HF amp) will mean I can always run mono using 1 amp if one should fail for some reason. The 2 ohm stability is important here. Current draw worries me a little, here's the specs of the 5k: Current Draw @ 1/8 in VA (watts): 1435 (890) @ 2 ohms, 920 (525) @ 4 ohms, 625 (335) @ 8 ohms Current Draw @ 1/3 in VA (watts): 3050 (2155) @ 2 ohms, 1880 (1200) @ 4 ohms, 1200 (715) @ 8 ohms Currently the rack I'm using has a plx3002 on mids and a 3402 on subs, when I use a single 15/1" jbl top (ms105 w ewi 15 and 22xt) I run out of midrange first. Same when using yamaha p7000s amps for subs and mids but the yamaha's handle loud a lot better than the plx's. I'd like a solution where only 1x 15a or 20a circuit is needed for 2 amps. Sound reasonable? 5000's are ok for this? The yamaha rack has 3 p7ks and a qsc cx502 split between 2 curcuits, many times I'll put both on 1 when driving 1 stack per side. I've never tripped a breaker with these amps. I'd buy more and a I will if the IPRs aren't a good match.

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