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PRX600 vs PRX700 Series

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  • PRX600 vs PRX700 Series

    I'm posting this to its own thread as there seemed to be interest in the differences between the series and how well they play with each other.

    I finally had a chance today to put the PRX 612 & PRX618XLF up against the PRX712 & PRX718XLF. In the pic, the 600 series is on the right, the 700 series on the left. The pic gives the illusion of dents, but it's actually shadows from the leaves.

    For my test, I used my X32 Compact. For those who have an X32, I routed my main mix to Matrix 1&2 at zero db, and post fader so the main fader would control volume for both. All gains on all speakers were set to max. High pass was set from the internal crossover on the subwoofers

    First test was with pink noise, subs only. To compare, I muted and unmuted each matrix one at a time. The 718 had a slightly higher volume, just slightly. Next test was with music, and once again, the 718 was just slightly louder. Running both subs at the same time, there was an obvious volume increase.

    Next, I turned on the tops. First with the pink noise, the two systems seem to have equal volume. However, these boxes are voiced or dsp'd differently. Only way I can describe it with the pink noise is if you were hissing with your mouth open (like a fake applause), that is what the 612 sounded like. Now if you continue hissing, but close your mouth while extending your lips (like a wolf whistle), that was the 712. When running music between the two, the 612 sounded more "airy", the 712 more flat.

    I tried swapping the cabinets with sub, since I read the 718 has a different high pass, but the results were still the same.

    Since I had everything hooked up, I tried a couple scenarios of running everything together. Running the 600 series next to the 700 series, you get a very pronounced "phasing" or "woosh" as you walk around. Next, I daisy chained the tops off of one subs high pass. The phasing and wooshing was less pronounced. I swapped subs for the high pass to see if there was a difference, but none was noticeable. Finally, I turned the 612 upside down and placed on top of the 712 so the horns were together. The phasing or wooshing was gone. So, if you double up these cabs, upside down on top of the other appears to work the best, which makes sense.

    I will also note, that the 712 by itself over top of the two subs sounds really good! I hope this helps.
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    Another PRX series combo story:

    Last night had a wedding gig in a casino banquet room. Room had a large stage that faced out to a dance floor and banquet area. The banquet hall had two levels. I decided to cover the width of the room, to setup with a prx618 with a prx612 sitting on top on each side of the stage. I then had the two PRX718's on the ground in front/middle of the stage by the dance floor, with a pair of 712's on their sides (on stage) as front fill. With the X32, I ran the main L/R to the 600 series on either side of the stage, and sent the main mix postfader to a matrix so that the front fill volume could be adjusted separately from the main mix. The result was better than expected. I had even coverage throughout the banquet area. Walking side to side, there was no cancellation I could notice, the subs worked great. It even was enough to cover the second level. Very happy with the combined PRX system.


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      Thank you for posting this!

      There has been lots of discussion on various boards all over the net about the compatibility between 6XX and 7XX. Yours is the first set of real life feedback I have ever seen.

      Love my X32 Rack. I did something similar for an outside gig this summer (ie used matrix mixes to balance between different speaker sets). It worked out really nice. My band was amazed at how easy it was for me to set it up too.

      I use DSR112's over my XLF's, but I am relatively sure that the DSR's could just about keep up with 2 XLF's per side. Since the crossover on the XLF's is at 90hz, this is dependent on the content being amplified. I have noticed on some bass heavy songs, the DSR's can limit sooner than on kick heavy songs where the subs will limit first instead.

      We are currently considering another pair of XLF's ..... either used 618's or new 718's since we are beginning to get more festival bookings and really need the low end power for those.
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