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Behringer X32 remote app for Android?


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    OneEng: Are you able to switch from your monitor mix to house mix quickly to listen how things are sounding?


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      Originally posted by nousername View Post
      OneEng: Are you able to switch from your monitor mix to house mix quickly to listen how things are sounding?
      Yes .... as well as can be done while being on stage anyway.

      I use the Furman wired IEM system: http://www.furmansound.com/product.php?id=HR-6

      I have the main mix on the far right knob which is the stereo outs from my mixer (although I assign them to a matrix mix so I can control how hot the signal is going into the IEM system).

      The other 4 monitor mixes are mono and consist of each of our own vocals and instruments.

      Having the button pressed in gives me my personal mix, while having the button out is just the stereo out from the board.

      This only works if you have fairly insignificant stage noise .... which we do.

      We have vDrums, Bass DI, my guitar Kemper DI, and the lead players Blackstar facing the rear of the stage with a plexiglass shield around the back to keep it from beaming out into the audience.

      I generally keep the button out and ONLY listen to the main mix so I can identify quickly if something is out of ballance.

      My biggest problem mixing is that the lead player adjusts his actual volume based on what he hears in his IEM mix. I have to counter that all night long. The only other change I ever make is going from one lead singer to a different one.

      It works surprisingly well. The only thing that would be better would be an actual sound engineer at FOH all the time.

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        Most engineers worth their salt can figure it out quickly. I've never mixed on an X32 but a friend has one and I've played with it a bit (both the control surface & the app). It may be the easiest software driven interface out there (it's very intuitive).

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