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Interesting Venue - Barn Dance Redux

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  • Interesting Venue - Barn Dance Redux

    I've known about the Codfish Hollow Barnstormers venue for awhile, but hadn't found a reason to drive an hour north to see it for myself until this past Tuesday. Started as a place with a cool vibe for the local DayTrotter studio to have performances. It still serves that purpose, but it's now taken on a life of its own as well and is attracting more and more interesting acts.

    Here's another concert goer's recording of the final song of the night for headliner The Baseball Project. If you'd told me 30 years ago that the guys from R.E.M. would be recording and touring on the backs of songs about Dale Murphy of the Atlanta Braves or Ty Cobb... I'd have called you crazy.

    Oh... and the PA system (not sure how much of it was the bands' or the venue's) consisted of a Presonus StudioLive mixer, 2 QSC KLA12s and a KW118 sub per side, a pair of PRX618s-XLFs across the front, a pair of PRX615Ms on delay 1/2 way back in the barn, a pair of powered Behringer 15's at the entrance to the barn for the picnicers on the grass and folks at the nearby "art studio" or food vendors, and QSC K12 monitor world (w/ 2 MRX518S and a MRX512 stacked as drum monitor).

    Mix was VERY sub-bass heavy for the opener Hugh Bob & The Hustle out of Milwaukee and until about 1/2 way through the headliner's set. ("Can I have a little less bass in my monitor please?") They could have done without the XLF's... or the 2 MRX subs on the drum monitor, I think.

    Anyway... cool show. FYI on The Baseball Project if you've never heard of them. Below: Post-show tributes to the SUPER Moon, Perseid meteor shower, and gods of wine and revelry.

    Where the Mississippi River runs west...

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    Really cool venue. "No smoking"

    Although it is a cool venue places like that scare me on fire potential.

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      cool gig! I love weird gig settings like this. I love the secret exit under the banner!

      Lots of LED uplights.

      decent clean mix for iPhone.

      The KLA , at least on the video, give the impression of one cab sort of pointing up into space a bit, and the other sort of down into the front peeps. That seems to be a problem stand mounting them, no? if you get it tall enough so the bottom cab washes over the first 1/3 of audience, the top cab is curved upward.


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        I took this photo showing the stage before the show. You're right about the KLAs... if they belong to the venue, why not fly 'em? And I'm not sure why they stand-mounted them anyway when they could have easily poled them on the KW118s... couldn't have been any less top-heavy. Aside from the sub-bass level being too high for most of the show near the stage, the mix was really good in the back of the barn by the merch tables and outside on the grass as well.

        The LEDs belong to the venue, I think (and the rope lights, obviously). 4 banks of 4 SlimPAR 7 TRI lights from Chauvet (2 banks uplighting, two backlighting), there was a bank of four non-LED spots on each side out front over the crowd for frontlighting, and they had a Chauvet Intimidator 150 elevated over the mixing desk (left-side, 1/2 way back in the barn) sweeping the crowd and stage all night.

        As far as fire hazards go, yeah... we're in Iowa, so you pretty much grow up knowing not to smoke in a barn. (Surprised they were using regular spots up in the rafters, though... some tour-grade LED spots would be perfect and far less likely to heat anything up to the point of catching fire.)
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        Where the Mississippi River runs west...


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          Is this an " under radar" type gig or official? Do they serve drinks, beer/wine? Ok with neighbors? I have an awesome yard and we've had private events here, wedding reception, parties, band. But, I'm planning a mini private concert series with a couple platinum, Grammy type artists...to be recorded and video'd ... Invite only which gets around permits but still I wonder how some do these kinds of gigs...


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            Click the link in my OP and ask the family what sort of insurance riders they have. I'm sure that they'd be glad to help... if you're not in Iowa and competition for them anyway.
            Where the Mississippi River runs west...