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How powerful generator is needed for this PA system

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  • How powerful generator is needed for this PA system

    We're going to have an open-air gig where we'll have to use electrical generator to power up our system. Here's the list of equipment we plan to use:
    - 2x EV ZLX12P
    - 1x FBT MAXX10SA
    - notebook with MIDI controller (source of music)
    - 2 or 5 channel mixer
    - lightmaxx cls-3

    I was wondering how powerful electrical generator should we get in order to make sure there won't be any problems? Where's the bottom end line in specifications? Could we actually damage the equipment if generator wouldn't output enough power?

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    Try searching on this topic here, it's been discussed in great detail. Yes, you can destroy your gear with a poor generator application.
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      Yes, do some research

      A Honda EU3000 would be my suggestion. You barely have 10a of draw happening, so even the EU2000 would work but rent the bigger one. Skip the non inverter units.
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        I have used the Honda EU2000 before with a similar setup and had no problems. You will also find that the Honda is also very quiet compared to many and is rated for computers. (not all gensets are) If you are driving your speakers really hard maybe you might need the larger unit, Those three speakers probably use under 400 watts at normal levels but its good to have multiples of that for dynamic loads. Computer, small mixer and LED lights don't require much power at all probably less than 300 watts. You need to make sure with the equipment your using that are rated for computers.
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          No matter what you wind up using, be sure to turn off any energy saver mode, etc. that would have the genny idle until needed. Music loads are quite variable and will have the genny hunting for a stable rpm/voltage. Further to that point, it's helpful to add a constant small load, such as a few hundred watts of lighting, to keep the output stable.
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            Maybe I could get Honda EU10i and EU20i, so I was thinking to power up 1x FBT MAXX10SA with EU10i and everything else with EU20i (2x EV ZLX12P, notebook and mixer). Lights are optional. Do you think that could work? Could there be any grounding issues?

            In fact I could even power notebook and mixer with 12V to 230V inverter from accumulators. In that case, it would look like this:
            EU10i: 1x FBT MAXX10SA
            EU20i: 2x EV ZLX12P
            1000 W 12-230V inverter from acc: notebook and mixer

            What do you think guys? Is that combination rock-solid?