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    Originally posted by monthlymixcd View Post
    Your system actually came to mind, but the TH-Mini's are 76lb. according to the spec sheet.
    Yah about 10 lbs over his "limit" but there's nothing their size that out-pounds them. OTOH I usually am fine with my pair of 34lbs 2x12's (GK 212MBE) but as they are bass cabs and not meant for sub use you have to HPF them fairly high (45-50Hz). The TH-Mini's have to also be HPF'd fairly high as they are short horns (40Hz).


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      I have spent less than 5K for my first PA system. It works fine for my application as of right now but if we play anything larger we will definitely need to add and/or upgrade. First thing I will say right now is I would feel much better if I didn't have to think about upgrading in the future. You have to choose to spend the money now or spend the money later. Since I was buying my first PA and I am relatively new to playing live music I chose to get something modest and suffer the consequences of upgrading later if needed. Is this a hobby or something you depend on for income? Are you financially stable? I think all of this should be considered in order for you to make a decision.

      If you want something compact, powerful, and loud enough for 400+ crowds you will need to drop a good amount of cash. My current set up has been used for crowds of 400ish and that is about its limit. Just so you can get a rough idea this is what I have:

      2 x EV ELX 115 (48lbs) - 400w cont. / 1600w peak
      2 x EV ELX 118 (78lbs) - 400w cont. / 1600w peak
      2 x (old) Yamaha V112 (monitors)
      Soundcraft EFX12 Mixer
      2 x SM57
      2 x SM58
      QSC GX7 - Mains/Subs - 1000w per side @ 4 ohms
      QSC GX5 - Monitors - 700w per side @ 4 ohms
      Stands/Cables as needed
      Other bandmates have also supplied random equipment (extra cables, mics, music stands)

      Like I said, this system cost me around 4k - 4.5k with everything included. It would be impossible to fit into one vehicle. Without the subs it would still be difficult in a small car. Hope this helps somewhat.


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        My FBT Vertus rig would be a contender. You'd need a double system for the number of people you're trying to cover though. It's also not a one trick pony deployment wise. In venues where people are right up by the FOH they can entirely block the speakers. The narrow vertical dispersion is tricky too. That said, in the right situation it fits the criteria.
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          Do you think the OP has gone AWOL ? Not much to help inform the conversation going on......


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            Originally posted by jtodorov View Post
            Hello, I'm musician who play in rock band. We are playing gigs for 100-500people, and we are interested to buy our PA system. We are looking for small, lightweight(
            First of all, welcome to the forum. Secondly, where did you go?

            A small car system for 100 people is not all that difficult, but a small car system for 500 is somewhere between tough to impossible - unless you don't need typical Rock volumes, or there are other mitigating factors.
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              Or a trailer hitch on the car.
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                you can put a lot of equipment in a 5x10 trailer
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                  Originally posted by cappttenron View Post
                  you can put a lot of equipment in a 5x10 trailer
                  Ahh. But given the choice between spending the money to buy a trailer and spending that same money to shrink the size and the weight of your gear, which would you choose?
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                    That's an interesting question. How much shrinkage can you get for $5,000? Me, I rent trailers..don't play out enough with full PA to justify owning at this point. I have a large minivan, but my keyboard rig takes up about 75% of the volume. I did buy the van specifically so I could play out with my spinet organ and full-sized Leslie cabinet.

                    I think you'd be hard-pressed to shrink four XLF subs, six 612Ms to fit in a car for $5000 above current MAP. But a trailer will hold that and much, much more.

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                      I have probably one of the lightest systems and it will barely fit in a Honda civic and in no way will it handle rock music at levels acceptable for 250 people. With a suburban yeah I could get a lot more gear in. But add two 18 inch subs and there goes the room in the SUV.

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                        Put two of these in a trailer and your done! http://www.danleysoundlabs.com/produ...jericho/jh-90/

                        only 720 pounds each but 148db. Just toe them in a bit and you wont need monitors
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                          Hey Wes

                          Of course I'm talking in big general terms about weight and size reduction and its value. How big a system you need for X people always depends on what exactly you expect sound level and quality wise. Whether is actually fits in what isn't really the question.

                          Although in your case you could can the organ and leslie and just use an iPad app. Same thing, right?
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                            HA! I could probably can them and get away with a dual XK system and Neo Ventillator..at 20% of the space. But that would cost more money, and I just really like the old gear. I think it has a certain stage presence, and I feel comfortable man-handling it a bit. I also believe you can't replace the sound of moving air, but I recognize that the audience doesn't get to hear the Leslie directly in anything the but the smallest clubs.

                            I actually own a 12 lbs rig (Roland VR-09) that will squeak me through a gig if necessary. That weighs less than the case I keep my 88-key board in...But it just ain't the same. It gets thrown in the van for out-of-town gigs, though. I have to be prepared for 30-45 year old stuff to fail.
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