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Electronic drum kits, suggestions please ( cross post I did at the Drum section here

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  • Electronic drum kits, suggestions please ( cross post I did at the Drum section here


    Electronic drum kits, suggestions please

    [COLOR=#6A6A6A !important]08-01-2014, 050 PM


    Ok, I'm basically a guitar player and I do have an 5 piece acoustic drum kit here at the house. Premier makes the kit I have. I have redone the head with Evans, and learned how to keep a simple beat on a kit.

    I am think maybe I should have a set of electronic drums and I could practice quietly, plus when I'm recording I wouldn't have to mic up a kit.

    Sounds pretty simple, but what kit. They make a lot of em. I'm currently looking at a Roland TD 11 on line, at about 1000 bucks, so you know my price rage. I could go a little less money and maybe a little more money. I want real drum sounds, but I don't think I'm gonna get a real drum feel with any of the electronics kits. Read bad things about Simmons stuff, Yamaha would be fine too, it just so happens the the local GC had the Roland. Any suggestions would be helpful. My wife goes to bed early and she's killing my drumming time.

    Thx in advance

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    If you want quiet you'll wanna get mesh pads t those new Yamaha gel pads. Unfortunately cymbal pads and kick drum will still make a fair amount of noise.

    As far as drum brains, I've owned ddrum and a host of Roland brains. I always thought the Rolands were the best on the market. But I just switched over to an inexpensive YamahaDTX502. They are less that $300 and sound better than higher end brains that cost 5x as much. New technology really brings the price down. So as long as you are not looking for individual outputs (because you only get stereo out of the box) it's an amazing bargain. You can load you own samples as well and stacking sounds allows you to construct your own personal kits.
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      I've been toying with buying an E-kit myself. If your willing to spend money, Roland rules but within the $1k range there are many options. My criteria is, (as dboomer says) mesh heads (they feel & respond more like real drums), Cymbal pads with choke facility & bell zones & a Hat that has a variable (close/open) sound. So far my choices are Alesis, Drum Kat, Yamaha & Roland. They all seem to have decent sampled sounds (IMO Alesis & Roland are slightly better).

      I've checked out the Simmons kits and agree, they aren't up to snuff. Stay away from the really cheap brands, They create vacuum :-).

      It doesn't sound like you are planning to use them in a live situation but if you do, keep in mind that you must have a decent monitor setup to do the work your foot would usually do. This could easily cost as much as the drums.

      I know I didn't give you any specific info but I'm still in the process myself (I don't make any money playing so I may not buy anything at all :-).

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