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Leveling powered system with passive system (DJ content)

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  • Leveling powered system with passive system (DJ content)

    Good day folks. I am booked for a street dance tonight and got to thinking..... System: 4 MRX 518's, 2 MRX 515's ran off two amps.
    My thought is to integrate my powered EV ZLX's to get more oomph on the top side and setup the ZLX's as more or less for monitors. I have found that while I have the subs I need for out doors, the 515's tend to have to be pushed pretty hard outdoors to keep up which is the reason why. But the question is how do you level it out? By ear only is the only way right?

    Thinking mixer ----> ZLX ----> then chain down to the passive ---> EQ ---> Crossover --- > Amps.

    I would probably have the ZLX's on the ground setup as monitors as no hardware to hold up two pairs of tops. Other thing I am thinking is delay issue may be created between the JBL's and the ZLX's due to each using different processing.different architecture. Thoughts and or suggestions? Bad idea or good idea?

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    For any powered speakers that use digital crossovers there will be some latency. In most cases this is actually a good thing. But in the case of combining analog and digitally processed systems it might be a reasonably big problem. If possible use the analog on one side and the digital on the other. You are already getting a time offset between the two sides anyway.

    As far as leveling the sound. When combining different speakers, because they will have different responses, by ear is about the only thing that makes sense.
    Don Boomer


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      Thanks Don! As it worked out ended up in the ballroom anyway so I didn't try this application, guess I'll wait to try it out in the garage first. Have bigger problems my QSC 2450 went bottoms up. Dead. No power. No lights no nothing. New topic new thread probably.