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    I had a chance to try out my newly acquired AKG P2 mic yesterday at a largish outdoor venue yesterday. It was a multiband benefit I was playing at and I was told that last year the "provider" blew stuff up and had the tops cutting in and out - so I brought an SVT head and 8x10 to help them out LOL. To my surprise the provider lit up when he saw my mic and said he planned on getting one so wanted to hear it used in anger. I was told it sounded great. Dunno how much I was in the PA as I had the SVT up where digging in overdrove the outputs .

    The one downside to this mic is that the stand threads are plastic so either use the supplied metal euro threads insert adapter plus a euro stand or a euro to standard adapter - or what I did, use a quick disconnect. Unlike a kick mic this mic has no built in "kick EQ" - similar to a $400 RE20 but I only paid $90 for it shipped .

    Of course I had earplugs in - actually all day as it was so arfin' loud I never saw anybody get between FOH and the stage until late when the metal bands came on . The tops were cutting out every once in a while and the subs died once that I heard <facepalm>.
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    Pile'O'Carp PA, SR stack:

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        Pile'O'Carp PA, SR Stack: