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Small keyboard. Any ideas?

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  • Small keyboard. Any ideas?

    I'll post this in keyboards as well, but I know there a few keys guys that hang out here too. I'm looking for a small keyboard inexpensive with built-in sounds, particularly the Wurlitzer piano sound on the song "Happy". I'm playing bass and running sound these days and have zero interest in dragging out anything of my typical gigging keyboard gear for one song. Frankly, if it were powered by batteries, that'd be a bonus as I'm probably just going to plug it into the acoustic guitar wireless pack and rack that shoots right into the monitor board and main mixer, that I'm already using. I'd like full size keys but a reduced octave count. 1/4" jack(s) would be good. Not interested in controllers. Definitely interested in used and older gear. Just really trying to make this super simple. Maybe a 25 note keyboard? Any ideas?
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    Roland VR-09. You should be able to get the sound you want. Takes batteries, weighs 12lbs and costs under $1000 new. 61 organ-sized keys. Organ keys are the same width as piano keys, but about 3/4" shorter. Many people don't even notice that. I like mine. Wes
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      Another possibility is the Alesis Micron. Think they are out of production but should be able to find one used.
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        God help us if we ever have to use it, but the keyboard player's backup is a Korg Microstation
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