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  • Turbosound TMS 1 value

    Have the chance to pick up a set of turbo tms1s. 


    Turbosound TMS-1 3-way all horn compact speaker 102dB+ with 1 watt. We have a 4 pack of these for sale, asking $1599 OBO with a spare crossover & mid. 1 has an incorrect woofer & is not in as good of condition
    Turbosound TMS-1 3 way all horn loaded compact high output high efficiency speaker. These things do 102+ dB with 1 watt & can do 127dB with 500 watts. A pair of these can be run with a pair of 2x18 subs for some serious output
    Good deal? If not, what should i offer?
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    I have one TMS1

    It was up in a Church and a guy gave it to me for 100.00

    Very nice loudspeaker

    Voicing sounds like Martin to me.

    Do not over power them...take care of them

    I believe they are loaded with Fane and they can be hard to come by.

    The design is by the "original" guys from Turbosound.

     High pass them at 100hz or higher  they dont do much below that.


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      They are getting old now as far as a line of boxes. The boxes I run into always seem to rattle from bad seams. Run a sine sweep through them to make sure the boxes are still solid!



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        I'm reading old, easy to damage, and maybe can't be fixed if damaged. One of the four isn't original. I'd pass unless you have lots of spares available and can restore the LF driver in the oddball cabinet. As is I'd offer %$500.

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